LPGM represents employers and employees in a wide range of employment issues.

Our attorneys regularly advise employers and senior executives on all aspects of employment agreements. We have extensive experience in negotiating, analyzing and preparing employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, bonus plans, equity-based compensation arrangements and severance agreements. We also advise clients on the tax, corporate and securities law implications of such agreements and cooperate with clients’ accountants and financial advisors on related issues.

To help employers avoid litigation, our attorneys assist clients in developing appropriate hiring, employment and termination procedures. This includes the preparation of employee handbooks, sexual harassment policies and training manuals. LPGM also conducts workplace investigations into allegations of harassment, discrimination and other illegal activities.

If litigation or arbitration is necessary, our attorneys can effectively handle all types of employment claims, including breach of employment contracts, violation of non-compete agreements, theft of trade secrets and confidential information and allegations of discrimination or sexual harassment.